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Iconic Australia

X128 1st Australian Flying Corps bombers over Palestine, ca. 1918.

X101 Arrival of first aerial mail in Brisbane, April 23 1929.

X102 Artillery salute to Sydney Harbour Bridge opening, ca. 1932.

X130 Australian gunners of the 55th Siege Battery, Belgium, ca. 1917.

X127 Australian Light Horse in Palestine, ca. 1918.

X103 Bondi Life Savers in competitive marchpast, 1948 Surf Carnival.

X107 Expedition to recover Lasseter's body, Ayers Rock ca. 1930.

G201 Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, 1951.

X129 Infantry going over the top, Zonnebeke, Belgium, ca. 1918.

X136 Lancaster bomber and Spitfire MKV, Brisbane, ca. 1949.

X111 Load-testing of Sydney Harbour Bridge using fifty steam locomotives, 1932.

X112 Lockheed Altair Anzac being off-loaded from the "Mariposa" at Woolloomooloo, Sydney, 1935.

X114 Ned Kelly on the day before his execution, 1880.

X122 Opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge; first cars at the toll bar ca. 1932.

X105 Sir Donald Bradman, 1932.

S201 Surfers Paradise, Queensland, 1952.

X126 Swagman, New South Wales ca. 1893.

X121 Sydney Harbour aerial photo, ca. 1932.

X124 Sydney Harbour Bridge under construction, ca. 1932.

X120 Sydney Harbour Bridge, ca. 1932.

X123 Sydney Harbour Bridge, ca. 1932.

X125 Sydney Harbour view, ca. 1935.

X118 The "Southern Cross" on arrival in Sydney after her flight across the Pacific, 1928.

X104 Wirths' Circus elephants & a Shetland pony crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 1932.


X132 Carpet snake with road building gang, Atherton Tablelands, Queensland, ca. 1928.

X116 RAAF Mosquito bombers over Queen Street, Brisbane, 1945.

X106 The Endurance trapped in pack ice, Weddell Sea, 1915.

X108 "Faith in Australia" being lifted by police after crashing in Ireland, 1933.

X133 Peggy Ryan & Mavis Wilkie in the Cremorne Theatre ballet dressing room. Brisbane, 1940s.

X135 Tamara Toumanova & Serge Lifar of the Russian Ballet performing Swan Lake in Australia, ca. 1940.

X134 Shirley Crammond & Joan Willoughby in the Cremorne Theatre ballet dressing room, Brisbane, 1940s.

X115 Pitjantjatjara people, Northern Territory, ca. 1930.

X119 Sydney Harbour Bridge during construction, with Charles Ulm's Southern Sun & a Gypsy Moth, 1930.

X110 Innisfail, Queensland, 14½ foot crocodile from the Johnstone River, ca. 1903.

X117 Anzacs amongst the shell shattered remains of Chateau Wood, Belgium, ca. 1918.

X109 World’s largest gold nugget “Holtermann Nugget”, 286 kg. NSW ca. 1875.

X113 Martin Place, Sydney, 1949.


X131 Phar Lap & James Pike at Flemington Race Track, ca. 1930.

Historic photos of Australia:

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