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S101 Sandgate Baptist Church & the foreshore, Brisbane, ca. 1887.

S102 Sandgate Beach, Brisbane, ca. 1907.

S103 Sandgate Fire Brigade outside the station building, Brisbane (undated).

S104 Sandgate floodwaters, Brisbane, 1887.

S105 Sandgate foreshore & beach, Brisbane, ca. 1935.

S106 Sandgate aerial photo, Brisbane, ca. 1935.

S107 Sandgate Pier, Brisbane, 1901.

S108 Sandgate pier, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

S109 Sandgate Post Office, Brisbane, ca. 1887.

S110 Sandgate School of Arts, Brisbane, 1901.

S111 Sandgate Town Hall & Council Chambers, Brisbane, ca. 1922.

S112 Sandgate, Brighton Road, Brisbane, 1924.

S113 Sandgate foreshore, Brisbane, 1911.

S114 Sandgate, Eagle Terrace, Brisbane ca. 1905.

S115 Sandgate, Flinders Parade under flood waters, Brisbane, 1948.

S116 Sandgate, Lover's Walk, Brisbane ca. 1920.

S117 Sandgate, opening of Hornibrook Highway, Brisbane, 1935.

S118 Sandgate, Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Brighton Road, Brisbane, 1901.

S119 Sandgate, Signal Row & Upper Esplanade, Brisbane ca. 1910.

S120 Shorncliffe beach viewed from the jetty, Brisbane, ca. 1905.

S121 Shorncliffe beach, Brisbane, ca. 1935.

S122 Shorncliffe beach, Brisbane, ca. 1935.

S123 Shorncliffe Parade, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

S124 Shorncliffe Pier, Brisbane, ca. 1895.

S125 Shorncliffe School of Arts building on Eagle Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1891.

S126 Shorncliffe, Moora Park, Brisbane, ca. 1905.

S127 Shorncliffe, Sea View Hotel, Brisbane, 1901.

S128 Shorncliffe, steam train crossing Palm Avenue, Brisbane, ca.1925.

S129 Shorncliffe, Upper Esplanade, Brisbane, 1917.

S130 South Brisbane & Victoria Bridge, ca.1940.

S131 South Brisbane & Victoria Bridge, ca. 1892.

S132 South Brisbane & wharves viewed from a hill, ca. 1889.

S133 South Brisbane Court House in Colchester Street, 1900.

S134 South Brisbane flood scene, 1890.

S135 South Brisbane viewed from North Quay, ca. 1869.

S136 South Brisbane from O'Rielly's Hill, ca. 1884.

S137 South Brisbane Municipal Library, ca. 1898.

S138 South Brisbane view from Queen's Wharf Road, looking across old Victoria Bridge, ca. 1878.

S139 South Brisbane view of Indus (ship) anchored in the South Reach of the Brisbane River, 1876.

S140 South Brisbane houses with view of Parliament House, ca. 1867.

S141 South Brisbane with view of distant hills, ca. 1888.

S142 South Brisbane, flood waters in Stanley Street, 1890.

S143 South Brisbane, flood waters in Manning Street, 1893.

S144 South Brisbane, Grey Street during the 1890 flood.

S145 South Brisbane, Hope Street under floodwaters, 1893.

S146 South Brisbane, flooding at intersection of Melbourne & Grey Streets, 1890.

S147 South Brisbane, intersection of Vulture & Stanley Streets, ca. 1907.

S148 South Brisbane, Mater Hill, ca. 1930.

S149 South Brisbane, Melbourne Street, ca. 1941.

S150 South Brisbane, Melbourne Street, ca. 1889.

S151 South Brisbane, Roma & George Streets in the foreground, ca. 1860.

S152 South Brisbane, Stanley Street, during the 1890 flood.

S153 South Brisbane, Stanley Street, ca. 1889.

S154 South Brisbane, Sunday school procession in Stanley Street, ca. 1887.

S155 South Brisbane, Victoria Bridge damaged after flooding, 1893.

S156 South Brisbane, Victoria Bridge under construction, 1893.

S157 South Brisbane, view from Merivale Street, 1868.

S158 South Brisbane, view from River Terrace above the coal wharves, ca. 1889.

S159 South Brisbane, view from Town Hall, ca. 1892.

S160 South Brisbane, intersection of William Jolly Bridge & Montague Road, 1932.

S182 South Brisbane view from across Brisbane River, ca. 1872.

S161 Spring Hill, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1860.

S162 Spring Hill houses, Brisbane, ca. 1886.

S163 Spring Hill houses, Brisbane, ca. 1868.

S164 Spring Hill houses, Brisbane, ca. 1932.

S165 Spring Hill houses, Brisbane, ca. 1933.

S166 Spring Hill houses with church, Brisbane, 1890s.

S167 Spring Hill, general store on corner Boundary & Bradley Streets, Brisbane, ca. 1914.

S168 Spring Hill, Gregory Terrace, Brisbane, 1931.

S169 Spring Hill, horse drawn delivery cart in Isaac Street, Brisbane, ca. 1905.

S170 Spring Hill, Leichhardt Street road cutting, Brisbane, ca. 1905.

S171 Spring Hill tram on St. Paul’s Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

S172 Spring Hill, Union Street with view of church, Brisbane, ca. 1890.

S173 Spring Hill, view from Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1862.

S174 St. John's Wood, rustic view of Waterworks Road, Brisbane, 1921.

S175 St. Lucia across the Brisbane River, ca. 1922.

S176 St. Lucia, Carmody Road, Brisbane, 1920.

S177 St. Lucia, horse drawn carriage by house on corner of Ryans Road & Depper Street, Brisbane, ca. 1908.

S178 Stones Corner, Alhambra Theatre showing 'Road To Rio' with Bing Crosby & Bob Hope, Brisbane, 1949.

S179 Stones Corner, intersection of Logan & Old Cleveland Roads, Brisbane, ca. 1928.

S180 Stones Corner, shops in Logan Road, Brisbane, ca. 1915.

S181 Sunnybank Railway Station, Brisbane, ca. 1911.


C101 Camp Hill, Brisbane, ca. 1930.

C102 Camp Hill aerial photo, Brisbane, ca. 1930.

C103 Carina, Mayfield Road, Brisbane, ca. 1915.

C104 Carindale, Creek Road near the intersection of Old Cleveland Road, Brisbane, ca. 1930.

C105 Chelmer bridge under construction, Brisbane, 1893.

C106 Chelmer, Oxley Road, Brisbane, in 1906.

C107 Chermside, general store on Gympie Road, Brisbane, ca. 1888.

C108 Chermside, Gympie Road store, Brisbane, ca. 1911.

C109 Chermside, looking west across Gympie Road, Brisbane, 1904.

C110 Chermside, timber Fuel Depot in Gympie Road, Brisbane, ca. 1889.

C111 Clayfield from the Toombul overbridge, Brisbane, 1921.

C112 Clayfield, cottage on the corner of Old Sandgate & New Sandgate Roads, Brisbane, ca. 1875.

C113 Clayfield, store on Ann Street, Brisbane, ca. 1925.

C114 Clayfield, Bonney Avenue looking north from Stopford Street, Brisbane, ca. 1924.

C115 Clayfield, corner of Adamson Street & Bonney Avenue, Brisbane, 1924.

C116 Clayfield, Sandgate Road, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

C201 Cleveland Point Lighthouse with horse & carriage, Queensland, 1907.

C202 Cleveland Court House, Queensland, ca. 1871.

C203 Cleveland Point aerial photo, Brisbane, ca. 1920.

C204 Cleveland, Shore Street, Brighton Family Boarding House, Queensland, ca. 1871.

C205 Cleveland Jetty, Queensland, ca. 1904.

C117 Coorparoo, Brisbane, 1914.

C118 Coorparoo, scenic view of Cavendish Road, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

C119 Coorparoo, looking towards corner of Cavendish Road & Geelong Avenue, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

C120 Corinda, view from Francis Lookout across the Brisbane River towards Mt. Coot-tha, 1931.

C121 Cremorne, view of the Hamilton Reach of the Brisbane River, ca. 1906.

C122 Cribb Island Beach with children and dog, Queensland, 1918.


D105 Dalby, looking over Brisbane towards the Brisbane River, ca. 1924.

D101 Darra on the Brisbane River, 1915.

D102 Dutton Park Tram Terminus, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

D103 Dutton Park Village Fair, Brisbane, 1909.

D104 Dutton Park, Brisbane River from the river bank, ca. 1902.


E101 Eagle Junction, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

E102 Eagle Junction, Rose Street, Brisbane ca. 1912.

E103 East Brisbane flood, Queensland, 1893.

E104 East Brisbane from Lytton Road, ca. 1912.

E105 East Brisbane, corner of Elfin & Latrobe Streets, 1921.

E106 East Brisbane, corner of Lytton Road & Latrobe Street, 1921.

E107 East Brisbane, Norman Creek & tram terminus, 1921.

E108 Eildon Hill view of Brisbane & suburbs, ca. 1900.

E109 Ekibin paddock, Brisbane ca. 1924.

E110 Ekibin, Cracknell Street, Brisbane, ca. 1952.

E111 Enoggera, garage on the corner of South Pine & Raymont Roads, Brisbane, 1925.

E112 Enoggera from Cooper's Camp Road, Brisbane, 1921.

E113 Enoggera in the 1890s, looking towards the sale yards & the Newmarket Hotel.

E114 Enoggera, Browns Dip Road, Brisbane, 1949.

E115 Enoggera, Grays Road, Brisbane, 1929.

E116 Enoggera, opening of tramway, Brisbane 1949.

E117 Enoggera, Orchid Street towards the intersection of South Pine Road, Brisbane, 1935.

E118 Enoggera, store on Samford Road junction, Brisbane, ca. 1913.

E119 Enoggera, train passing through the level crossing in Wardell Street, Brisbane, ca. 1950.

E120 Everton Park, Griffith Street, Brisbane, ca. 1930.

E121 Everton Park, mail delivery on the corner South Pine Road & Gordon Parade, Brisbane, 1910.


F101 Fairfield Road at Fairfield, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

F102 Fairfield, butcher shop on Boggo Road, Brisbane, ca. 1894.

F103 Fairfield scenic view, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

F104 Fairfield, large house on Fairfield Road, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

F105 Fairfield, Mildmay Street, Brisbane, 1930s.

F106 Fairfield, wedding in Castle Street, Brisbane, 1912.

F107 Ferny Grove, Brisbane, ca. 1927.

F108 Ferny Grove, picnic ground, Brisbane, ca. 1927.

F109 Fig Tree Pocket showing giant fig tree, Brisbane, 1866.

F110 Fortitude Valley & New Farm, Brisbane, ca. 1882.

F111 Fortitude Valley during the 1893 Brisbane flood.

F112 Fortitude Valley, at the corner of Ann, Wickham & Boundary Streets, Brisbane, 1951.

F113 Fortitude Valley, Brunswick Street after fire in large department store, Brisbane 1904.

F114 Fortitude Valley, Commercial Road, Brisbane, ca. 1894.

F115 Fortitude Valley, corner of Wickham & Brunswick Streets, Brisbane, 1907.

F116 Fortitude Valley, Doggett Street, Brisbane, 1902.

F117 Fortitude Valley, Eight Hour Day procession in Wickham Street, Brisbane, ca. 1908.

F118 Fortitude Valley, James Street, during the 1893 Brisbane flood.

F119 Fortitude Valley, Ann Street, Brisbane, 1934.

F120 Fortitude Valley, RACQ depot on corner of Water & Quarry Streets, Brisbane, in 1953.

F121 Fortitude Valley, Stratton Street, during the 1890 Brisbane flood.

F122 Fortitude Valley, corner of Wickham & Gipps Streets, Brisbane, ca. 1925.

F123 Fortitude Valley, WWI Peace Procession in Brunswick Street, Brisbane, ca. 1916.

F124 Fortitude Valley, Brunswick Street, Brisbane, ca. 1907.


G101 Gaythorne, Gray's Road, Brisbane, 1929.

G102 Goodna, Brisbane Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1870.

G103 Goodna, first bridge over Woogaroo Creek, Brisbane, 1907.

G104 Greenslopes view of Brisbane, 1940.

G105 Greenslopes, Chatsworth Road, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

G106 Greenslopes, Cornwall Street, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

G107 Greenslopes, Garden Street, Brisbane, ca. 1938.

G108 Greenslopes, looking towards Junction Park School, Brisbane, ca. 1940.

G109 Grovely Lodge, Grovely, Brisbane, ca. 1913.

G110 Grovely, vineyard on Kedron Brook, Brisbane, ca. 1865.


I101 Indooroopilly, Albert Railway Bridge & Brisbane River ca. 1911.

I102 Indooroopilly timber houses, Brisbane, 1880.

I103 Indooroopilly woodland path, Brisbane, ca. 1890.

I104 Indooroopilly, Clarence Road, Brisbane, ca. 1920.

I105 Indooroopilly, construction of second Albert Railway Bridge, Brisbane, 1895.

I106 Indooroopilly, Moggill Road, Brisbane, 1921.

I107 Indooroopilly, Radnor Street with Witton Creek Bridge, Brisbane, ca. 1889.

I110 Indooroopilly Toll Bridge & the Albert Bridge, Brisbane, ca. 1937.

I201 Ipswich under flood waters, Queensland, 1893.

I202 Ipswich Hotel Grande, Queensland, ca. 1934.

I203 Ipswich under flood waters, Queensland, 1887.

I108 Ithaca influenza epidemic workers, Brisbane, 1919.

I109 Ithaca, children on the road near the old wooden bridge, Brisbane, 1880.


K101 Kalinga Park aerial photo, Brisbane, May 1946.

K102 Kalinga, Kedron Brook Bridge in Shaw Road, Brisbane, 1910.

K103 Kangaroo Point & Parliament House across the Brisbane River, ca. 1876.

K104 Kangaroo Point & the Brisbane River, ca. 1896.

K105 Kangaroo Point from the high ground across the Brisbane River, ca. 1876.

K106 Kangaroo Point residence, Mount Pleasant, Brisbane, 1892.

K107 Kangaroo Point showing Captain Burke Park in the foreground, Brisbane, 1898.

K108 Kangaroo Point & incomplete Story Bridge across Brisbane River, 1939.

K109 Kangaroo Point, three ships on Brisbane River, ca. 1878.

K110 Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, as seen from above Circular Quay, 1907.

K111 Kangaroo Point, construction in Darragh Street, Brisbane, 1935.

K112 Kangaroo Point, construction of Story Bridge, Brisbane, ca. 1930.

K113 Kangaroo Point, early construction of the Story Bridge, Brisbane, ca. 1935.

K114 Kangaroo Point, locomotives and horses in Main Street, Brisbane, 1911.

K115 Kangaroo Point, looking along Shafston Road, Brisbane in 1906.

K116 Kangaroo Point, looking down Main Street, Brisbane, ca. 1939.

K117 Kangaroo Point, Main Street view to All Hallows Convent School, Brisbane, ca. 1902.

K118 Kangaroo Point, schooner anchored below River Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1885.

K119 Kangaroo Point, timber yards on the banks of the Brisbane River, ca. 1882.

K120 Kedron Brook bridge, Brisbane, ca. 1925.

K121 Kedron aerial photo, Brisbane, ca. 1930.

K122 Kedron, Leckie Road looking towards Gympie Road, Brisbane, 1954.

K123 Kedron, marathon race on Gympie Road, Brisbane, 1908.

K124 Kelvin Grove Bridge, Brisbane, 1877.

K125 Kelvin Grove Road, army manoeuvres, Brisbane, ca. 1915.

K126 Kelvin Grove Road, Brisbane, ca. 1930.

K127 Kelvin Grove street view, Brisbane, ca. 1890.

K128 Kelvin Grove, Eureka Street, Brisbane, ca. 1906.

K129 Kenmore, Bielby Road, Brisbane, 1940.

K130 Kenmore, intersection of Moggill & Brookfield Roads, Brisbane, 1925.

K131 Keperra, Dawson Parade, Brisbane, ca. 1915.


L201 Logan Village Hotel, Queensland, ca. 1912.

L101 Lota foreshore, Brisbane, ca. 1935.

L102 Lutwyche Road near Chalk Street, Brisbane, 1921.

L103 Lutwyche, Crown Hotel, Brisbane, ca. 1881.

L104 Lutwyche, view from Franz Road, Brisbane, ca. 1900.


M101 Manly Esplanade, Brisbane, ca. 1900.

M102 Manly, Brisbane, ca. 1912.

M103 Manly, Cambridge Parade, Brisbane, ca. 1916.

M104 Manly, road lined with wooden railings, Brisbane, 1890s.

M105 Mayne railway in flood, Brisbane, 1893.

M106 Mayne Junction in flood, Brisbane, 1931.

M107 Milton floods, Brisbane, 1893.

M108 Milton view towards South Brisbane, ca. 1868.

M109 Milton, Baroona Road, Brisbane, ca. 1930.

M110 Milton, Brisbane, ca. 1870.

M111 Mitchelton vineyard, Brisbane ca. 1915.

M112 Mitchelton, Brisbane, 1927.

M113 Moggill, ferry crossing the Brisbane River, 1928.

M114 Morningside, Tannery, Brisbane, ca. 1897.

M115 Mount Coot-tha, looking down over Brisbane River & Toowong, ca. 1932.

M116 Mount Gravatt, Children walking on Creek Road, Brisbane, 1947.

M117 Mount Gravatt firemen, Brisbane, ca. 1940.

M120 Mount Gravatt, Klumpp Road, Brisbane, ca. 1890.

M118 Murarrie, corner of Queensport Road & Railway Parade, Brisbane, 1929.

M119 Murarrie, Railway Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1930.


N101 New Farm, Bowen Terrace, Brisbane, 1930s.

N102 New Farm, Bowen Terrace, Brisbane, 1940.

N103 New Farm, Brisbane, 1880s.

N104 New Farm, Humbug Reach on the Brisbane River, ca. 1920.

N105 New Farm, James Street during the 1893 Brisbane floods.

N106 New Farm, Kingsholme Estate during the 1893 Brisbane Flood.

N107 New Farm, Moray Street, Brisbane, ca. 1900.

N108 New Farm, Moray Street, Brisbane, ca. 1906.

N134 New Farm & Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, ca. 1882.

N109 Newmarket looking towards Ashgrove, Brisbane, 1921.

N110 Newmarket Progress Hall, corner Wilston Road & Daisy Street, Brisbane, 1915.

N111 Newmarket, Brisbane, ca. 1909.

N112 Newmarket, early motorised vehicle, Brisbane, ca. 1903.

N113 Newstead & Bowen Hills, Brisbane, during the 1893 flood.

N114 Newstead & Albion Park Racecourse, Brisbane, ca. 1900.

N115 Newstead Terrace aerial photo, Brisbane, ca. 1928.

N116 Newstead under floodwaters, Brisbane, 1893.

N117 Newstead view across the Brisbane River, ca. 1882.

N118 Newstead, Ann Street, Brisbane ca. 1905.

N119 Newstead, Breakfast Creek Road during the 1893 Brisbane floods.

N120 Newstead, Brisbane, ca. 1890.

N121 Newstead, confluence of Brisbane River & Breakfast Creek, 1875.

N122 Norman Creek Bridge, Brisbane, 1875.

N123 Norman Creek during the Brisbane flood of 1893.

N124 Norman Park view of New Farm, ca. 1888.

N125 Norman Park, Brisbane, ca. 1886.

N126 Norman Park, Brisbane, ca. 1950.

N127 Normanby Junction, Brisbane, ca. 1898.

N128 Northgate aerial photo, Brisbane, 1916.

N129 Nundah, Store on the corner of Sandgate Road & Station Street, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

N130 Nundah from the crest of Cameron Street, Brisbane, ca. 1915.

N131 Nundah, Brisbane, 1921.

N132 Nundah, Rode Road, Brisbane 1930.

N133 Nundah, Sandgate Road, Brisbane, ca. 1910.



P101 Paddington, Newsagency in Given Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1893.

P102 Paddington, Brisbane, 1902.

P103 Paddington, Brisbane, ca. 1902.

P104 Paddington, creek between Fernberg Road & Mary Street, Brisbane, ca. 1905.

P105 Paddington, Given Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1911.

P106 Paddington, Kennedy Terrace, Brisbane, 1921.

P107 Paddington, looking towards Brisbane city, ca. 1902.

P108 Paddington, view from Horsfall Street, Brisbane, ca. 1920.

P109 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1874.

P110 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1902.

P111 Pinkenba wharf aerial photo, Brisbane, 1945.

P112 Pinkenba, Brisbane, 1940.

P113 Pullenvale farm workers, Brisbane, 1889.

Q101 Queensport freezing works aerial photo, Brisbane, ca. 1925.

J101 Jindalee prior to residential development, looking west from Gogg's Road, Brisbane (undated).


R101 Rainworth aerial photo, Brisbane, ca. 1930.

R102 Rainworth, Brisbane, ca. 1930.

R103 Red Hill view from College Road, Brisbane, ca. 1890.

R104 Red Hill, butcher on corner of Waterworks Road & Eva Street, Brisbane, ca. 1909.

R105 Red Hill, Brisbane, ca. 1912.

R106 Red Hill, Normanby Hotel, Brisbane, ca. 1891.

R107 Redcliffe beach, Queensland, 1920.

R201 Redland Bay Hotel, Queensland, ca. 1910.

R202 Redland Bay settler’s cottage, Queensland, ca. 1892.

R108 Rocklea tram, Brisbane, 1941.

R109 Rocklea houses, Brisbane, ca. 1950.

R110 Rosalie houses, Brisbane, ca. 1902.

R111 Rosalie, floods along Bayswater Road, Brisbane, 1890.

W101 Wakerley, house made of kerosene tins, Brisbane, 1927.

W102 Wavell Heights, Pfingst Road, Brisbane, ca. 1940.

W103 Wavell Heights, Shaw Road, Brisbane, ca. 1912.

W201 Wellington Point kiosk and road, Queensland, 1931.

W202 Wellington Point Kiosk & cars, Queensland, 1926.

W203 Wellington Point aerial photo, Queensland, 1929.

W204 Wellington Point, Whepstead Manor, Queensland, ca. 1909.

W205 Wellington Point at Christmas time with holiday tents, Queensland, 1911.

W206 Wellington Point beach, Queensland, 1910.

W207 Wellington Point holiday makers in water at Christmas time, Queensland, 1911.

W105 West End, damaged houses after the 1893 Brisbane flood.

W106 West End Brewery during the 1890 Brisbane flood.

W107 West End during the 1893 Brisbane flood.

W108 West End flooded, view from North Quay, Brisbane 1893.

W109 West End in flood, Brisbane, ca. 1890.

W110 West End on the Brisbane River, 1897.

W111 West End towards Auchenflower, Brisbane, 1884.

W112 West End, flooding in Boundary Street, Brisbane, 1890.

W113 West End, Ganges Street, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

W114 West End, Hoogley Street, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

W115 West End, Milton & Red Hill, Brisbane, ca. 1884.

W116 West End, flooded Montague Road, Brisbane, 1890.

W117 West End, Victoria Street, during the 1890 Brisbane floods.

W118 Wilston Hill, Brisbane, ca. 1925.

W119 Wilston, Lamont Road, Brisbane, ca. 1908.

W120 Windsor flooded, bounded by Swan Terrace (left) and Lutwyche Road (right), Brisbane 1893.

W121 Windsor view of Eildon Hill, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

W122 Windsor, semi-rural houses, Brisbane, 1898.

W123 Windsor, flooding in Bowen Bridge Road, Brisbane, 1931.

W124 Windsor, sheep on Gilbert Road, Brisbane, ca. 1920.

W125 Windsor, procession of cars on Lutwyche Road, Brisbane, 1929.

W126 Windsor, McDonald Road, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

W127 Windsor, stone house in Roblane Street, Brisbane, ca. 1888.

W128 Windsor, view towards Eildon Hill, Brisbane, ca. 1890.

W129 Woolloongabba Fiveways, Brisbane, 1900.

W130 Woolloongabba Hotel on the corner of Ipswich Road & Main Street, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

W131 Woolloongabba Post Office, Brisbane, ca. 1906.

W132 Woolloongabba, Annerley Road, Brisbane ca. 1910.

W133 Woolloongabba, Brisbane, ca. 1888.

W134 Woolloongabba, large department store, Brisbane, ca. 1937.

W135 Woolloongabba, bubonic plague quarantine barricade 2 in Hawthorne Street, Brisbane, 1900.

W136 Woolloongabba, construction of a railway turntable in Main Street, Brisbane, 1921.

W137 Woolloongabba, Fiveways, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

W138 Woolloongabba, horse and carriage on Ipswich Road, Brisbane, ca. 1924.

W139 Woolloongabba, shops on Logan Road, Brisbane, 1900.

W140 Woolloongabba, Logan Road, during the 1890 Brisbane flood.

W141 Woolloongabba, bubonic plague quarantine barricade in Hawthorne Street, Brisbane, 1900.

W142 Woolloongabba, Stanley Street, 1949.

W143 Wooloowin Railway Station, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

W144 Wooloowin, Adamson Street, Brisbane ca. 1920.

W145 Wooloowin houses, Brisbane, ca. 1895.

W104 Wynnum, Australian Rules game at Memorial Park, ca. 1928.

W146 Wynnum Ambulance Centre in Tingal Road, Brisbane, 1926.

W147 Wynnum & Moreton Bay, showing both Wynnum & Manly jetties, Brisbane, ca. 1905.

W148 Wynnum bandstand, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

W149 Wynnum Central Beach Bandstand, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

W150 Wynnum Central beach, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

W151 Wynnum Central Jetty, Brisbane, ca. 1928.

W152 Wynnum Central showing holiday tents, Brisbane, ca. 1915.

W153 Wynnum Creek as seen from the bridge, Brisbane, ca. 1927.

W154 Wynnum Creek, Brisbane, ca. 1935.

W155 Wynnum fishing boats, Brisbane, 1907.

W156 Wynnum viewed from the jetty, Brisbane, ca. 1912.

W157 Wynnum jetty, Brisbane, ca. 1906.

W158 Wynnum South, procession in Bay Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1918.

W159 Wynnum, Bay Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1935.

W160 Wynnum, brass band & parade along the waterfront, Brisbane, ca. 1920.

W161 Wynnum, view to bay, Brisbane, ca. 1889.

W162 Wynnum, main street shops and people, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

W163 Wynnum, navy brass band parade in Bay Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1932.

W164 Wynnum, un-sealed road, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

W165 Wynnum, footbridge across the creek, Brisbane, ca. 1911.

W166 Wynnum, view along Bay Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1935.

W167 Wynnum, shops on corner of Tingal Road & Florence Street, Brisbane, ca. 1925.

W168 Wynnum, Waterloo Esplanade, Brisbane, ca. 1906.


Brisbane suburbs A-Z

A101 Albion in flood, Brisbane, ca. 1893.

A102 Albion Post Office from Sandgate Road , Brisbane, ca. 1921.

A103 Albion’s first general store, Brisbane, ca. 1868.

A104 Annerley, Ipswich Road looking north from Clive Street, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

A105 Annerley, junction of Ipswich & Annerley Roads, Brisbane, ca. 1915.

A121 Annerley, Junction Hotel on the right at the corner of Ipswich and Annerley Roads, ca. 1915.

A107 Ascot, Bartley Street, Brisbane, 1922.

A108 Ascot aerial photo, Brisbane, 1936.

A109 Ascot, electric tram on Lancaster Road, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

A110 Ascot, aerial view of Riverview Terrace area, Brisbane, ca. 1930.

A111 Ascot, Towers Street, Brisbane, 1922.

A112 Ascot, view over Franz Road (now Alexandra Road), Brisbane, ca. 1900.

A113 Ashgrove, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

A114 Ashgrove, tram at Waterworks Road terminus, Brisbane, 1929.

A115 Ashgrove, view from Waterworks Road, Brisbane, 1929.

A116 Ashgrove, Wardell Street, Brisbane, 1924.

A117 Aspley, Matthews' farm, Brisbane, ca. 1887.

A106 Auchenflower, Milton Road, Brisbane, in 1921.

A118 Auchenflower railway station during the 1890s Brisbane floods.

A119 Auchenflower, Coronation Drive, Brisbane, in 1902.

A120 Auchenflower, Dunmore Terrace & Chasely Street, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

B101 Bardon, Macgregor Terrace, Brisbane ca. 1929.

B102 Bardon, market gardens in the Jubilee Estate, Brisbane, ca. 1914.

B103 Bardon, Simpson Road, Brisbane ca. 1890.

B104 Bardon, Simpson Road, Brisbane, 1890.

B201 Beaudesert, William Street & the Grand Hotel, Queensland, 1907.

B105 Belmont, bus on flood damaged Old Cleveland Road bridge over Bulimba Creek, Brisbane, 1931.

B125 Belmont Tramway on opening day, Brisbane, 1912.

B106 Boondall, Cabbage Tree Creek, Brisbane, 1921.

B107 Boondall, road between Brisbane & Sandgate passing St Joseph's College, 1921.

B108 Boondall, procession of cars on Sandgate Road, Brisbane, 1938.

B109 Bowen Hills & Newstead during 1893 Brisbane flood.

B110 Bowen Hills, Breakfast Creek Road, Brisbane, ca. 1882.

B111 Bowen Hills scenic view, Brisbane, ca. 1873.

B112 Bowen Hills, Brisbane, view from the hospital, ca. 1891.

B113 Bowen Hills, floods across Bowen Bridge Road, Brisbane, 1931.

B114 Bowen Hills, Montpelier Road, Brisbane, 1883.

B115 Bowen Hills, view over Breakfast Creek, Brisbane, ca. 1883.

B116 Breakfast Creek, flooding at James Street, Brisbane, 1928.

B117 Breakfast Creek, cars crossing flooded Sandgate Road in 1931.

B123 Brookfield showgrounds with crowd, Brisbane, 1888.

B124 Brookfield, Moggill Creek with equestrians, Brisbane, ca. 1887.

B118 Bulimba, scenic view of Brisbane Street, ca. 1890.

B119 Bulimba on the Brisbane River, aerial photo, ca. 1935.

B120 Bulimba, Stoneleigh Street, Brisbane, 1921.

B121 Buranda, Lotus Street, Brisbane, 1938.

B122 Buranda, O'Keefe Street, Brisbane, ca. 1902.


Historic photos of Brisbane suburbs A-Z:

H101 Hamilton foreshore with yachts, Brisbane, 1929.

H102 Hamilton Hill view of Brisbane River, ca. 1914.

H103 Hamilton Hill view of ships in Brisbane River & across Bulimba ca. 1898.

H104 Hamilton seen from Dickson's Hill, Brisbane, ca. 1889.

H105 Hamilton, Brisbane, ca. 1875.

H106 Hamilton foreshore, Brisbane, ca. 1878.

H107 Hamilton, Brisbane, ca. 1937.

H108 Hamilton, Brisbane, view of Cooksley Street from Queens Road with Albion Park Raceway, ca. 1919.

H109 Hamilton, corner of Nudgee Road & Kingsford Smith Drive, Brisbane, ca. 1928.

H110 Hamilton, Crescent Road, Brisbane, ca. 1912.

H111 Hamilton, Kingsford Smith Drive, Brisbane, 1907.

H112 Hamilton, Kingsford Smith Drive, Brisbane, ca. 1887.

H113 Hamilton, view down Toorak Road to the Bulimba Reach of the Brisbane River, ca. 1909.

H114 Hawthorne, tram on Riding Road, Brisbane, ca. 1937.

H115 Herston, Breakfast Creek under the Bowen Bridge near Royal Brisbane Hospital, ca. 1936.

H116 Herston, Brisbane in 1869.

H117 Herston, large house on Clyde Road, Brisbane, ca. 1903.

H118 Herston, Gilchrist Avenue, Brisbane, 1946.

H119 Highgate Hill view of Brisbane River, ca. 1902.

H120 Highgate Hill, Brisbane, ca. 1933.

H121 Highgate Hill, fire engine ascending Gladstone Road towards Dornoch Terrace, Brisbane, 1929.

H122 Highgate Hill, looking west from Dornoch Terrace, Brisbane, ca. 1890.

H123 Holland Park farm, Brisbane, ca. 1912.

H124 Holland Park, view along Logan Road, Brisbane, ca. 1929.

O201 Ormiston Sugar Mill, Queensland, ca. 1871.

O202 Ormiston House, Queensland, ca. 1871.

O101 Oxford Park house, Brisbane, ca. 1890.

O102 Oxley Railway Station, Brisbane, 1876.

O103 Oxley Road Blacksmith, Brisbane, ca. 1888.

O104 Oxley towards Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane, 1890.

O105 Oxley, Ipswich Road, Brisbane, 1940s.

T101 Taringa, Cunningham Street, Brisbane, 1920s.

T102 Taringa, Frederick Street, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

T103 Taringa, Marmion Parade, Brisbane, 1920s.

T104 Taringa, Moggill Road, Brisbane, ca. 1920.

T105 Taringa, Swann Road, Brisbane, 1901.

T106 Tarragindi houses, Brisbane, 1953.

T107 Teneriffe Wharves, aerial photo, Brisbane, ca. 1925.

T108 Teneriffe Wool Store building, Brisbane, 1928.

T109 Tennyson, aerial photo, Brisbane, 1946.

T110 The Gap, rural view, Brisbane, 1931.

T111 The Grange, houses, Brisbane, 1929.

T112 The Grange, Grange Road, Brisbane, ca. 1916.

T132 Tingalpa Bridge, Brisbane, ca. 1908.

T133 Tingalpa, old Royal Mail Hotel, Brisbane, ca. 1876.

T134 Tingalpa, new Royal Mail Hotel, Brisbane, ca. 1893.

T113 Toombul, Charles Higgins' tiger menagerie, Brisbane, ca. 1888.

T114 Toorak Hill view of Brisbane, ca. 1890.

T115 Toowong High Street, Brisbane, ca. 1917.

T116 Toowong Railway Station in flood, Brisbane, 1893.

T117 Toowong tram, Brisbane, ca. 1909.

T118 Toowong tram & shop, Brisbane, ca. 1935.

T119 Toowong, intersection of Burns Road & High Street, Brisbane, 1910.

T120 Toowong, Cemetery Road under floodwaters, Brisbane, 1890.

T121 Toowong, Coronation Drive, Brisbane, 1941.

T122 Toowong, floodwaters around the Regatta Hotel, Brisbane, 1908.

T123 Toowong, Holland Street viewed from Sherwood Road, Brisbane ca. 1912.

T124 Toowong, Coronation Drive, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

T125 Toowong houses in Ascog Terrace & Okeden Street, Brisbane, 1891.

T126 Toowong Post Office, ca. 1917.

T127 Toowong, Sherwood Road, Brisbane, ca. 1906.

T128 Toowong, Sherwood Road, Brisbane, ca. 1885.

T129 Toowong, Sylvan Road, Brisbane, ca. 1890.

T130 Toowong, Wool Street, Brisbane, ca. 1888.

T131 Torwood flood, Brisbane, 1893.

U101 Upper Mount Gravatt, horses pulling cart, Logan Road, Brisbane, ca. 1910.

V201 Victoria Point aerial photo, 1952.

V101 Virginia, vehicles crossing bridge, Brisbane, 1952.


Y101 Yeerongpilly, Green Street, Brisbane, 1923.

Y102 Yeerongpilly, looking west from Crichton Street towards Tennyson, Brisbane, 1950.

Y103 Yeronga from Dutton Park, Brisbane, 1929.

Y104 Yeronga, horse and carriage, Brisbane, ca. 1897.

Y105 Yeronga, Rome Street, Brisbane, 1923.

Z101 Zillmere Road, Brisbane, 1948.

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